Book Reviews



As an Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant and a parent with a special needs child, I have witnessed several outstanding advocates. Through Shemeka's ministry "Specially Wrapped Gifts" she has shown parents how to be great Advocates for their children. This book will be a great read for anyone who  is  trusting God for guidance with their special needs child.

Bridgette Joy, parent of Adult Child with Down syndrome, certified OTA, Memphis, TN


This book is not only going to help parents/families, raising a child with special needs, but it spoke to me about the love and faithfulness of God! 

Kesha, mom of 3, Oak Ridge, TN


I moved to Oak Ridge, TN in 2011 and my son Pierre (autism spectrum) was having a very hard time adjusting in school. His occupational therapist suggested a support group where I could be with other parents of special needs children where I could vent while allowing Pierre the opportunity to bond and make friendships. I never would have considered that I too would connect and grow close and bonded with the members of the group but I did. My faith in God allowed me to get through the hard times and I thanked Him for allowing others to come into our lives to where a difference was made on both sides. Shemeka is dedicated, hard working, and extremely loving towards her girls and never made a difference but encouraged Candace (like she did Cherie) to soar and be her best self. I encourage all parents of children with special needs to do the same, because our children are worth it.

Denise Conner, mother of son on Autism Spectrum, Oak Ridge, TN.